The Bike Zoo presents a magical, immersive and interactive environment for people of all ages and from all walks of life. A unique addition to any festival, parade, public space, corporate, family, or educational event, public or private, the ever-growing menagerie of giant, playful, interactive, hand-built creatures includes The Giant 80 foot long Rattlesnake, an assortment of many Giant Butterflies, The Beloved Bat, our Fanciful Owl , Bald Eagle, Praying Mantis, Reindeer Drawn Sleigh, Bicycle Carousel, and our latest, The Giant Armadillo! You can count on us to engage visitors of all ages and captivate the imaginations of those who see or interact with our larger-than-life Zoo. The Bike Zoo animals can be booked a la carte, or as a whole zoo, as static backdrops for events, photo and video opportunities, or as functional interactive roaming displays.

“The Bike Zoo was a major and delightful feature of our recent spark! Festival……. The event was a festival of creativity, and the imaginative, visually stunning, interactive nature of the creatures of Austin Bike Zoo were the perfect fit for an environment filled with immersive, creative experiences! — Cindy Ornstein, City of Mesa Arts and Cultural Director